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Amplify your brand reputation and awareness with our public relations (PR) services to grow credibility and visibility in your field.

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What is Public relations?

Leverage our media relations to establish credibility and trust

Regardless of your awareness level, discussions about your brand are perpetually happening, both in the digital and physical realms. It's not wise to let external parties, who might not prioritize your interests, dominate these conversations about your business. Engaging with our marketing agency for expert PR services ensures you regain command over your brand's narrative. Our PR team boasts extensive experience in the B2B Tech sector, providing them with a unique perspective and an existing network of media connections. This background enables us to offer unparalleled PR agency support, helping our clients forge and sustain a favorable public perception.

industry PR expertise

Our PR expertise

From branding, reputation management to crisis recovery, it is key for businesses to choose PR agencies that have media relations to the right media communities.

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Fintech PR

Grow your credibility and maintain business reputation within the Fintech industry and the community

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Crypto PR

Increase visibility and trust for your blockchain and crypto business. Amplify your news with relevant media outlets.

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Tech PR

The ever-changing tech landscape requires a fast PR agency to drive key messages home to the right audience.

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Gain top-of-mind from the decision makers, nurture thought leadership and presence with our PR agency.

HOW pr agency services work

Our public relations (PR) services

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Basic PR Service

Great for startups looking for PR services at affordable prices

What’s included?
Min. 6x Guaranteed Features*
Press Release Drafting
Press Release Distribution
Media Coverage Report
Pricing Plans For Everyone - Studiopro X Webflow Template

Premium PR Service

Great for businesses ready to enhance their public reputation and nurture media relationships at a deeper level

What’s included?
Min. 6x Guaranteed Features*
Press Release Drafting
Press Release Distribution
Press Kit & Profile Write Up
Media Training for Spokespeople
Crisis Management
Media Interview
PR Drops & Media Relations
Influencer Management
LinkedIn Profile Branding
Media Coverage Report
Featured case study

How a B2B PR agency can help businesses scale

Explore our media coverage and experience how a PR agency can help maintain a pristine brand reputation and maximise your credibility and trust.

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Frequently Asked Quesions


What is a PR agency?

A PR agency, also known as a public relations firm, specializes in managing and enhancing the public image of individuals, organizations, or businesses. By leveraging strategic communications and media relations, these agencies aim to build and maintain a positive perception among the target audience and stakeholders. Utilizing a blend of traditional and digital PR services, they navigate the landscape of public opinion, media coverage, and online presence to support their clients' goals.


How much does a PR agency cost?

The cost of a PR agency can vary widely based on factors such as the scope of PR services required, the size of the campaign, and the agency's expertise. Generally, public relations expenses are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ranging from monthly retainers for ongoing support to project-based pricing for specific campaigns. By understanding your goals and budget, a PR agency can provide a customised approach to maximise the return on your investment in public relations.


What does a PR agency do?

A PR agency offers a wide range of public relations services designed to enhance a client's image and visibility. Responsibilities include developing media relations strategies, crafting press releases, managing crises, and engaging with social media to shape public perception. By executing targeted communication and outreach efforts, PR agencies ensure their clients are favourably represented in the media and public discourse, supporting their overall business objectives.


Why hire a PR agency?

Hiring a PR agency offers numerous benefits, from accessing specialised expertise in media relations to enhancing your brand's visibility and reputation. PR services provide strategic guidance and execution on how to effectively communicate with your target audience, manage public perception, and navigate crises. With their extensive networks and experience, public relations firms are invaluable in crafting and disseminating your message to achieve maximum impact and foster positive relationships with the media and stakeholders.

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