How we helped Nexus FrontierTech increase inbound leads by 2.16x

How we helped Nexus FrontierTech increase inbound leads by 2.16x

Establishing Nexus FrontierTech's brand within the B2B finance space to increase inbound lead generation.

How we helped Nexus FrontierTech increase inbound leads by 2.16x
B2B Marketing, SEO, AI Automation, PR
LinkedIn, Website
Result 1
Increase in Organic Lead Generation
Result 2
Increase in LinkedIn Followers

Project Overview

In collaboration with Nexus FrontierTech, our marketing agency embarked on a strategic project aimed at enhancing Nexus FrontierTech's thought leader presence and boosting its website's SEO to generate organic inbound leads using marketing automation. The goal was to position Nexus FrontierTech as a thought leader, augment B2B leads and client engagement within the financial sector, leveraging Nexus FrontierTech's AI-powered intelligent document processing solutions such as financial statement spreading, counterparty risk analysis, and due diligence tools.

Project Execution

Our marketing agency initiated the project by conducting a thorough analysis of Nexus FrontierTech's existing social media and SEO practices. Recognising the potential of Nexus FrontierTech's AI capabilities in data processing for the financial sector, we crafted a bespoke cross-platform strategy. This strategy focused on:

  • Deep diving into the intricacies of Nexus FrontierTech’s AI solutions to comprehensively understand their value proposition for B2B finance clients.
  • Performing an exhaustive audit of their current marketing operations, brand, social media and SEO efforts to identify areas of improvement.
  • Developing and implementing a holistic strategy and system aimed at building brand awareness, generating organic web traffic and enhancing social media engagement. This included collaborating on partnerships and sharing the announcement across media, optimizing website content for SEO to improve visibility on search engines and creating engaging content for LinkedIn to foster a network effect and drive engagement, while solidifying Nexus FrontierTech's position as a thought leader within the #AIinFinance space.

Our approach was meticulously designed to not only showcase Nexus FrontierTech's innovative AI solutions but also to position them as thought leaders in the financial industry's AI space.

Project Results

The tailored strategy yielded remarkable results, significantly amplifying Nexus FrontierTech's online presence and engagement with its target B2B audience:

  • A 16% surge in LinkedIn followers, expanding their professional network and enhancing brand visibility among relevant stakeholders in the financial industry.
  • A notable 47% increase in website traffic, attributed to the improved SEO and engaging content, which effectively attracted more visitors seeking AI-powered financial solutions.
  • A substantial 2.16-fold increase in inbound leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of the combined social media and SEO strategy in generating higher interest and potential client inquiries for Nexus FrontierTech's intelligent document processing products.
  • Nexus FrontierTech has been featured across multiple tier 1 media such as The Business Times, The Fintech Times, AsiaOne, e27 and more.

These outcomes not only underscored the efficacy of our strategic approach but also positioned Nexus FrontierTech for sustained growth and engagement within the financial sector.