About the team

The humans behind our successes

Our team consists of globally diverse and multi-passionate individuals bringing multitudes of expertise, perspectives and cultures converging for a single mission

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Our Mission

Bridging you to the world

At FYA Media, we bring your innovations to the world through powerful marketing strategies. Our goal is to enable startups and B2B companies to harness sophisticated marketing channels with efficiency and precision utilising AI, elevating their market presence and efficiency. Ownership is at our core and as an essential extension of your team, we understand your market, challenges and opportunities. Deeply anchored in data-driven methodologies, we transform the complexity of technical innovations into strategic marketing advantages, ensuring our clients surpass their growth aspirations, bringing real value and success to their doorstep.

Our CORE Values

Values behind our work

Our 4 core values are the root of our client-centric culture that prioritises a working process that is authentic and data-driven.

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We obsess about your innovations, challenges and opportunities. Just like a true extension of your team, we treat your goals like our own.

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Time waits for no one. We support your visions with strategy and agility so you can get to the market at the right time.

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We guide our actions with straightforward communication and insights to build trust for a lasting partnership.

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Our approach is rigorously data-driven, ensuring that every strategy is well-informed by analytics for the most effective outcomes.


What our clients have said about us

Don't hear from us, hear from our B2B clientele in fintech and AI.

“A game-changer for our startup”

Working with FYA Media has been a game-changer for our startup. The agency's work ethic is top-notch, always delivering high-quality results quickly. With a deep understanding of our industry, they are proactive in suggesting strategies that resonate with our target audience and executing them effectively. We're thrilled with the progress and couldn't recommend them enough!

Derrick Liao
Chief Operating Officer
Nexus FrontierTech