How we helped Moomoo Singapore increase brand awareness by 9% and reduced CAC by 15%

How we helped Moomoo Singapore increase brand awareness by 9% and reduced CAC by 15%

Elevating Moomoo's market entry in Singapore with a brand-defining "Investing Made Easy" campaign and high-impact TVC, creating a seamless investing journey for everyone.

How we helped Moomoo Singapore increase brand awareness by 9% and reduced CAC by 15%
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Result 1
Increase in Brand Awareness
Result 2
Reduction in Cost per Acquisition

Project Overview

Moomoo, a fintech newcomer to Singapore's trading and investment platform sector, needed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for their digital brokerage app that would beat their existing incumbent. This collaboration focused on developing a distinctive brand and communications strategy, alongside a media plan designed to maximize reach. The "Investing Made Easy" campaign aimed to demystify investing for Singaporeans through innovative TV commercials (TVC) and print advertisements strategically placed across key media points across Singapore.

Project Execution

Our mission with Moomoo was to position them as a frontrunner in the competitive Singaporean trading and investment platform market. Recognizing the challenges and resistance many Singaporeans feel towards investing, our strategy was two-fold: redefine Moomoo’s brand and communication strategy to resonate with the local audience and increase top of mind, and implement a targeted media strategy to achieve high visibility.

The "Investing Made Easy" campaign was the cornerstone of this approach, employing engaging TVCs and print advertisements that encapsulated the essence of simplified investing. These were disseminated across high-traffic urban areas, including MRT stations and bus stops, ensuring maximum exposure. The campaign’s direction was carefully crafted to strike a chord with key customer segments, making investing approachable and appealing to a broad audience.

Project Results

The "Investing Made Easy" campaign yielded impressive results, significantly impacting Moomoo’s position in the Singaporean market. The campaign led to a 9% increase in brand awareness, demonstrating a strong uplift in Moomoo’s market visibility among Singaporeans. Furthermore, the strategic focus on efficient media placements and engaging creative content resulted in a 15% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA). This reduction not only highlights the campaign's effectiveness in attracting new users but also reflects the increased efficiency in converting interest into tangible app downloads and engagements. Overall, the campaign’s success has laid a solid foundation for Moomoo’s growth and continued success in Singapore’s competitive investment platform landscape.