How we helped Genisys Carpentry create a website that ranks first page

How we helped Genisys Carpentry create a website that ranks first page

Crafting digital presence with precision - Elevating Genisys Carpentry's brand through strategic SEO and a portfolio website.

How we helped Genisys Carpentry create a website that ranks first page
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Project Overview

FYA Media collaborated with Genisys Carpentry, a leading Singaporean carpentry and manufacturing business, to elevate its online presence through a comprehensive website overhaul and targeted SEO strategy. The focus was on showcasing their portfolio while positioning them as a provider of quality, cost-effective manufacturers for both B2B clients and individual homeowners.

Project Execution

The project embarked on a two-pronged approach to enhance Genisys Carpentry's digital footprint and market positioning. Initially, we developed a sleek, user-friendly portfolio website that reflected the company's commitment to quality and affordability in the carpentry and manufacturing industry. This website not only served as a digital showcase of their work but also as a platform for engaging prospective B2B clients and individual homeowners.

In tandem with the website development, our team conducted an extensive SEO competitive audit to dissect the online performance of Genisys Carpentry's competitors. This analysis unearthed valuable insights into the keywords these competitors ranked for, guiding our tailored SEO strategy. Focused on transactional keywords that drive conversions, we curated quality content aimed at boosting the website's visibility on Google's search engine. This strategy was carefully designed to not only draw more traffic to the site but also to convert this traffic into tangible business leads.

Project Results

Within a week of implementing our comprehensive SEO strategy and launching the rebranded website, Genisys Carpentry achieved a coveted first-page ranking on Google. This rapid ascent in search engine rankings significantly amplified their online visibility, positioning the business as a top choice for quality and cost-effective carpentry solutions in Singapore. The project's success underscores the effectiveness of combining a strong digital foundation with a strategic SEO approach to enhance brand recognition and drive business growth.